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7 Effective Ways To Avoid Bloating

Effective Ways to Avoid Bloating

Know more about how you can avoid bloating. Better have a healthy lifestyle as early as now than start making adjustments only after getting sick.

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It seems like your stomach is frequently bloated and you seriously want to know how you can avoid bloating. It’s a terrible feeling, right? But do you know what’s even more terrible? It’s terrible to look pregnant when you’re actually not. Especially to a point where strangers congratulate you on the street, but all you really did is either overeat or you’re on your period. In fact, those who are lactose intolerant might also experience bloating, but of course, there’s also the gas and the pain. Apparently, over 90% of Asian Americans experience that because they can’t tolerate consuming dairy products.

For you to avoid bloating as much as possible, you should know more about bloating first. Bloating is a result of overeating, excess gas in the stomach, and of course, period cramps.  Most common is when you notice your stomach being bigger after a heavy meal, and which later on leaves you feeling super gassy. Then obviously, there’s the premenstrual syndrome which is a whole different story. Half of your stomach is actually filled with swallowed air, and the stomach bloats up from gas produced by the bacteria in the intestines to digest the food that you eat.

7 Effective Ways To Avoid Bloating

The more difficult it is to digest the food, the more gas your stomach will produce. So not only that you want to look better in clothes and not to be mistaken for carrying a child, you also don’t want to feel bloated. It’s not really a good feeling so here are the seven effective ways to avoid bloating.

1. Drink a cup hot lemon water every morning.

Drink a cup of hot water with lemon every morning when you wake up. Not only that it’s going to wake you up, it’s also going to wake up your stomach. It’s also great to drink it during or after a meal. The lemon contains a ton of vitamin C, and due to its sourness, it can help you produce saliva which will aid in the digestion process.

2. Avoid coffee, milk and, soy milk for breakfast.

Avoid bloating by not drinking coffee, milk, and soy milk for breakfast. Instead, switch to almond milk which doesn’t actually contain any dairy or yogurt with probiotics. The probiotics in the yogurt are good for bacteria that helps your stomach feel better and digest all the foods that you eat better.

3. Avoid carbonated drinks.  

Avoid consuming carbonated drinks like sodas, especially when they claim to be diet. As those diet sodas usually contain a ton of sugar. Of course, alcohol is also out of the question. It will form gas in the stomach while also making your face bloat at the same time. Yes, that’s absolutely true. It is known that it has a combination of sugar and toxins.

The sugar and toxins in alcohol can make your body and face bloat. So instead of drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol, opt for ginger lemongrass tea. The ginger, although it may seem spicy, is actually really a calming herb. It helps relieves gasses and reduces intestinal activity in your stomach. It also thins out the blood to increase blood circulation and is also effective in relieving pain.

4. Avoid greasy foods.

Avoid eating greasy foods especially fast food which has a combination of high sodium and grease that will only cause the insides of your stomach to go a little cuckoo. Having said that, oil itself, doesn’t really cause you to bloat. It actually keeps you fuller for longer. However, if you do have irritable bowel syndrome and other related illnesses, the grease can actually trigger bloating.

Also, the same thing goes for fast foods or processed foods. It will be better for you to avoid them not only because they can trigger your bloating, but also because they’re high in sodium. Salt messes up with the water balance of your body and can cause water retention in certain areas. Hence, making you feel and look bigger than you actually are.

5. Avoid swallowing too much air.

Swallowing air is the most common form of bloating, it is important to try to avoid chewing gum and eat slower. Depresses of a digestion starts with chewing the food. If you chew your food longer and slower, you’re absolutely helping your stomach and intestines deal with all the hard work, making it more manageable for the foods to be broken down and absorbed by the body.

Sometimes when you swallow a food without actually chewing, you are risking the inflammation of your gastrointestinal tract. Eating too fast and without properly chewing your food will eventually cause bloating, leaving your body with extra work to help combat that.

6. Eat berries.

You can have blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They are all high in water content which helps flush out all your system. Berries are also rich in fiber which can aid in moving the food through the intestines quicker. You can also help relieve constipation, which is one of the biggest course in your bloating, by eating berries.

7. Meditate or sleep regularly.

Most of the time, bloating can be caused by anxiety and stress. Meditation not only helps with blood circulation, but it also helps to clear the mind. You’ll also find that it can also assist in managing your stress and anxiety. Meditating for just fifteen to twenty minutes a day will not only calm your mind and your stomach but also your heart.

Now that you know you can avoid bloating through meditation or sleep, you can always take a nap and rest your body. When you’re sleeping, your body goes into rejuvenation mode so it will help you fight against the causes that make you feel bloated. You mostly experience a food coma when you overeat, and all you want to do is to just sleep right. Don’t you feel less full and less bloated after waking up from a nap?

It’s always good to know these tips for you to avoid bloating. But if you feel like you have some severe bloating, go seek medical attention to avoid it from getting any worse. Keep in mind that it’s better to have a healthy lifestyle as early as now to prevent illnesses than to start making adjustments only after getting sick. Talking about eating habits, you may also want to know how to recover from binge eating.

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