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Detox Your Liver For Healthy Skin & Digestion

Detox Your Liver For Healthy Skin & Digestion

Detox your liver to keep it healthy. Detoxifying will not only help with your metabolism, skin, and digestion but also with your overall health.

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If you are serious about being healthy, losing weight, and having clear skin, you should definitely detox your liver. Your liver is arguably the most important in your body. It has over 400 functions but it’s pretty much well known for being a filtration station that it kind of process everything that comes in your body. It uses up all the good stuff and it sort of gets rid of all the bad stuff. In other words, it will absorb all the nutrients and use that as energy. You actually eliminate all the toxins in your body and purify your blood every time you detox your liver.

Your liver also produces bile which is responsible for breaking down the fats and the foods. It also stores glucose to use as energy. So when you have a bad liver or an unhealthy liver, you usually work experience symptoms like sluggishness, tiredness, lack of energy, discoloration in the skin, breakouts, excess weight gain, and odd digestion. You might even have slight headaches too, and some sort of pain on the right side of your body.

Most of you are probably thinking that you don’t actually have time to detox your liver. But let this article tell you that you must start taking care of your liver now and thank yourself in the future for taking action. When you detox your liver regularly, not only all those symptoms of a bad and unhealthy liver will go away, but it will also help give you a healthy lifestyle that allows you to feel good about yourself from the inside out.

You might think now that you’re still young, you’re full of life, and you have nothing to worry about. You’re just going to bounce back like that. But when you actually hit a certain age, you would actually look back. You would come to a point when you feel that there are certain things you wish that you hadn’t done or wish you had done but you still didn’t do.

You would somehow hope that you could have taken better care of yourself earlier to prevent certain problems in the future. It might sound a little bit sentimental but all of these things are absolutely true. With that, here are some tips on things that you could avoid and some things that you should keep in mind.

Smoking & Drug Intake

Smoking and any form of drug intake is going to drastically damage your liver. So the first and foremost important thing is to avoid any contact of those things. Smoking and taking pills have an effect on your physical appearance. Those are the things that will not only affect your physical health as in terms of appearance, but will also mark you up internally. They also sometimes cause irreversible damage- a huge amount of problems for you in the future.


Avoid alcohol. It doesn’t matter if they promote antioxidants in red wine or any form of a more sophisticated alcohol out there like vegan alcohol. At the end of the day, alcohol is a toxin and it will cause your liver to do additional work by purifying your blood, and getting rid of the toxin for you. Even if you’re just taking it once in a while, it’s still going to cause an excess stress for your liver. You can also suffer from pimples and acne just by drinking alcohol.

Animal Fats & Vegetable Oils

To detox your liver, you must avoid animal fats and vegetable oils especially corn and soy. Basically, animal fats and vegetable oils will clog up your arteries and cause inflammation. Your liver will have to work overtime frequently and it sometimes doesn’t break down the fat well enough. Therefore, it causes your liver to go overboard and go to extortion. So that is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Supplement Intake & Other Type Of Foreign Chemicals

Lastly is to be mindful of the supplement intake. Most of the time, there are some herbal supplement that actually is a foreign substance in your body. The liver will try to eliminate those foreign chemicals brought by supplement intakes. Hence, your liver is going to kind of try and get rid of those toxins or chemicals. Basically, any type of foreign chemicals to your body is going to be somewhat a damage to your liver. So especially when you’re cleaning, be mindful to wear gloves so that you’re not in direct contact with any chemicals to your body.

Also, try to limit your hair dyeing, hair bleaching, self-tanning, or things like that. Most of these things might not seem so much of a big deal but your body does absorb small amounts of toxins or chemicals present in them. When your body absorbs them, your liver will have to work a little bit harder to get rid of all the toxins, eliminate everything that’s not wanted, and purify the blood.

Besides avoiding things that could damage your liver, there are also some things you could do to help protect and nurture your liver.

Organic Foods

Detox your liver by eating organically. It’s a little bit difficult for everyone to eat organic all the time and it obviously does get quite expensive. But when you can and if you can, try to go organic. Just opt for leafy green vegetables especially Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. All of those foods contain a component that helps to protect the liver and at the same time fuel the liver to eliminate toxins and excess hormones. Eating organic foods allows your body to avoid absorbing the foreign chemicals contained in pesticides. Plus, they do have high value in nutrition and have tons of vitamin A, vitamin C, and sulfur which are all great for your body and your liver to function at its peak.


Probably one of the most important and obvious thing is to drink a lot of water. Water will not only flush out the toxins but it actually contains natural minerals. What you can do is to add a slice of lemon to your water. Adding lemon to your water actually increases the alkaline level which also helps to eliminate the toxins in your liver.


The importance of sleep has been stressed numerous times. So, sleep early. According to the Chinese meridian clock, your liver is at its peak activity time from 1AM to 3AM. Allow your body to rest in order to allow your liver to do its detoxification during those times. When your body is resting, it has enough energy to do what it’s supposed to do.

Detox your liver to keep it healthy and functional. Detoxifying will not only help with your metabolism, skin, and digestion but also with your overall health. Start taking care of your liver as early as now and don’t forget to also share it to let others know of this reminder that they usually take for granted.

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