How To Prepare An Easy Vegan Meal– Plant-Based Recipes

How To Prepare An Easy Vegan Meal - Plant-based recipes

Are you looking for plant-based recipes you can easily prepare at home? Make an easy vegan meal that you can also share with your family.

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Let’s make a few easy vegan meals that are all plant-based recipes. So, these plant-based recipes all perfect for meatless Mondays or if you’re trying to go meatless a few days a week which is kind of what most people are trying to do. I wanted to give you a few plant-based recipes that I think are really delicious.

Avocado Quesadilla

The first recipe is super easy, wonderfully delicious, and kind of like a play on avocado toast. It’s an avocado quesadilla. So, start with a tortilla. Just heat that up and then smash an avocado on top of it. now, it’s time to add some toppingsa little salt and pepper. You can add some cilantro, green onion, and some diced tomato. You’re just going to go ahead and fold that over and put it right back on the stove.

What you want to do next is to just let it get nice and crisp. Then, serve it with some salsa. This is a really great option if you want to do dairy free. But, you can also dip it in sour cream if you want or you can put a little cheese on there. But then again, the point is to kind of have it be an avocado quesadilla– and I got to say it’s pretty good.

Basil Spinach Pesto Pasta

Our next plant-based recipe is basil spinach pesto pasta. Start by cooking up some pasta shells. You’re going to let those soften in boiling water– so that’ll take some time.  Next, you’re going to take the spinach. You can have about six loose cups of spinach. Then, have a half of a cup of raw cashews, one bunch of basil, a quarter cup of plain and sweetened non-dairy milk, and a half of lemon juice. Plus, add some salt and pepper to taste.

Go ahead and put all of those ingredients in your blender and blend them up until they become super smooth. Once the pasta is done cooking, go ahead and strain that and save a bit of the tiny pasta water. Just strain whatever portion of pasta you want to use and go save the rest for later. So, this pasta tastes really good hot or cold so you can serve it either way. You can save a little bit of pasta and put it in the refrigerator for later.

In a pan, you’re going to heat up some extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of chopped garlic. You’re going to let that brown and then add the pasta and also a little bit of the pasta water. Just mix that up and then slowly add the pesto mix until it’s completely covering the pasta shells. Voila– you can now plate it and serve it. Like I said, you can totally serve this pasta cold or hot. I actually like it both ways, and if you want to top it with some parmesan cheese, you certainly can. But if you’re trying to go dairy free, then you can omit parmesan cheese and just eat it by itself. It is super yummy!

 Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

If you like something with a little kick and some spice, you’re going to love these cauliflower buffalo wings. They are super easy and so good. so, all you need for this plant-based recipe is one head of cauliflower, three-fourths cups of water, three-fourths cups of oat flour, a half teaspoon of garlic powder, a half teaspoon of salt, and a little bit of pepper. You’ll mix all of those ingredients with a fork, really nice, so it will not have any lumps in it. then, you’re going to actually dip cauliflower in the mixture and bake it.

The mixture is going to give a nice crispy texture. So, you need to pull the cauliflower apart and dip it into the mixture, making sure to cover it completely. Preheat the oven to four hundred and fifty degrees, line a baking sheet, and just go ahead and put that covered cauliflower that’s been covered in that batter on the baking sheet. Cook it for twenty-five to thirty minutes or until golden brown.

Now, if you want, you can add a little bit of honey to the buffalo sauce to make it a little less spicy. You can put the buffalo sauce directly on top and make sure to cover it. If you like spicy and you like buffalo wings, cauliflower buffalo wings are a really good kind of substitute for the traditional buffalo wings. This plant-based recipe is actually super good and not that hard to make. Hopefully, you try them and enjoy them too.

Jackfruit Sliders  

Last but certainly not the least in our plant-based recipes are jackfruit sliders, which are a play on pulled pork sliders. The first thing you need to do is to go ahead and put about half of a chopped onion into the pan. Let that brown. You’ll definitely need jackfruit, a meatless alternative, which is actually not that hard to find. It’s a lot easier to find packaged but you can also find jackfruit itself and use that.

It smells like tea when you’re cooking it. It’s very floral but it absorbs whatever flavor you’re using. So, it’s a really nice substitute for tacos. Jackfruit is basically like a meat substitute and is really great if you want to do meatless pulled pork or tacos. It’s a little intimidating if you’re not sure how it’s going to taste. It’s going to taste floral or whatever but it doesn’t at all. It really takes on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking with it so it’s a great meat substitute.

You can add some vegetable broth on top. Then, add some salt and pepper as well. You’re just going to continue to let that cook while you make a really quick coleslaw– very easy to make. To make the coleslaw, have some chopped up cabbage. Add some vinegar and a little bit of salt and pepper. Mix those ingredients together and top the coleslaw on the jackfruit. Now, warm up some ciabatta bread in the oven until nice and crisp. Add the jackfruit and the coleslaw.

So, there you go– those are actually just a few of the plant-based recipes you can easily prepare at home for you and for your family. Yes, you can also prepare them for sharing not only to your fellow vegan relatives and friends but also to your non-vegan family. They’ll surely love them! For more vegan recipes, you can also try these five easy-to-make healthy snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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