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Know These 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Know these 3 reasons why you can't lose weight

Know these three reasons why you simply can’t lose weight and assess yourself to be able to work on the reason which you find yourself guiltiest of.

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There are actually three unfamiliar reasons why you can’t lose weight. You probably ask yourself this question most of the time. You’ve been wondering why you’re not losing weight even though you’re eating clean, and you’re training hard. You just can’t see the pounds come off. You’ll be surprised to know about these three reasons you can’t lose weight. Once you’ve come to know them, you’ll be encouraged to make a slight change and see some big results.

1. You are stressed out.

You have the tendency to consume lots of unhealthy foods when you’re stressed out. Eating unhealthy foods is really a bad thing as that may also lead you to being overweight and obese instead of losing weight. Think about school finals, meeting deadly deadlines, or when you’re just extremely worried, you just want to keep stuffing your face. You have more cortisol in your body because you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress, and having more cortisol will just keep you on munching more unhealthy foods

Cortisol is a stress hormone. Being under a lot of stress makes you produce more of this stress hormone which is also responsible for stimulating your appetite. You’re just going to want to eat more and that’s just how it works. You’ll just be eating a lot more as if that wasn’t bad enough. You see, that’s one reason why you just can’t lose weight.

Being under a lot of stress also increases the production of your neuropeptide y, which is a brain chemical responsible for specifically increasing your cravings for carbs. Okay, but get this. Having more cortisol in your body affects the slowing down of your metabolism even if you are doing really well by not eating carbs, sweets, and off the unhealthy foods.

The increasing cortisol is directly related to muscle degradation and the extra storage of lower belly fat. Yes, you read that right. So the more stress you’re under, the more lower belly fat you have. That’s insane! What you can do is try to hang out with people that make you enthusiastic. Do some exercises or meditations and focus on things that can make you smile and laugh. Doing all of those things will keep your cortisol levels down. You also get to be happy and healthy at the same time. Isn’t that great?

2. You’re not getting enough sleep.

You simply can’t lose weight because you don’t get enough sleep. You sure are guilty of it. When you’re not sleeping enough, your levels of cortisol increase, which is a bad thing, and your levels of growth hormone decrease. Growth hormone has the opposite effect of cortisol. Growth hormone actually encourages fat loss. It also helps keep your immune system up so you don’t get sick. Not only that, it also helps keep your organs functioning properly.

Sleep also balances the hormones that control hunger. If you ever go to sleep feeling hungry and you wake up the next day and you’re no longer hungry, that’s why. On the flip side, you’re more likely to eat more calories the next day if you miss a night’s sleep.

The suggested amount of sleep is seven to nine hours a day. Everyone’s different and you’re probably still working on your sleep. But really, try to get your rest not only for those reasons but also so that your muscles can regenerate, relax, and start to grow. Actually, there are ways that can help you sleep faster. Try them yourself and you’ll see how they’re effective.

3. You don’t drink enough water.

You can’t lose weight because you’re not drinking enough water. You’ve been told about it several times not just because drinking more water can fill your belly and you won’t feel hungry. You should know that there’s actually more to that. So when you’re dehydrated, your kidneys are no longer functioning properly. Then, your body has to resort to the liver to help you remove the extra toxins. Now, that can be a problem when that happens. Your liver is a fat metabolizer and if it’s working extra hard, it won’t have time to work on burning off your fat. So, it would end up storing the fat and then your metabolism would begin to slow down as well.

You’re also probably eating more fiber too if you’re eating healthier, which is great. But, you should also be increasing your water intake. Do it or else, you’re going to get constipated and that doesn’t feel good. Once you’re constipated, you feel bloated. When you feel bloated, you feel lethargic. It will just be a terrible situation.

The reason why that happens is because fiber acts as a bulking agent or as a sponge. It travels down your intestines grabbing things along the way which is awesome. But, it’s not awesome if there’s no water to help push it down so that you can eliminate the waste in your body.

What you’ll definitely want to do is drink more water. Drink about two to three liters a day depending on your activity.  Just keep on drinking until your pee is clear especially if you don’t know how much you should drink. Keep a bottle on your desk at work. Bring a bottle of water with you at school or when even you’re just in the car. Just keep drinking water whenever and wherever you may be. Plus, it makes your skin really clear and flawless.

So, having enumerated those three unfamiliar reasons why you can’t lose weight, assess yourself and start working on the reason which you find yourself guiltiest of. You are aware that it takes balance in working out and sleeping well in order for you to achieve your body goals. However, your healthy eating habits is alos an important component which can help you to keep going. Know that excuses for not eating healthy have no room for your healthy lifestyle. Find out which foods you should never eat when you’re trying to lose weight and make healthy food swaps from now on.

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