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How To Remove Refined Sugar From Your Diet – The 3-Day Challenge

How To Remove Refined Sugar From Your Diet

Find out how you can remove refined sugar from your diet in three days. Let this be your guide on your way to a sugar-free lifestyle.

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Have decided to remove refined sugar from your diet but don’t know where to begin? You want to start but you don’t actually know how to do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this can serve as your guide on how to remove refined sugar from your diet – and you know what – you can even do it in three days as a great start. Keep reading to find out how you can practically start to give up on processed sugar starting today! YES, you’ve read that right – not tomorrow, not the next day, but today.

If you’re used to eating sugar all the time and then try to give up everything that could possibly contain sugar in it, it can feel torture. As exaggerated as it may sound, but true – even for just one day. It’s usually not very sustainable, but maybe this guide can help you on how you can take just three days to start a change in your lifestyle and remove refined sugar from your diet.

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When you make an effort to eat less processed sugar, you may start to notice that you have better-sustained energy, more energy, and fewer sugar crashes. Overall, you just feel better. So in each day out of the three days, you’re going to focus on a specific meal or eating time.

You’ll start to make healthier food choices that contain less or no processed sugar at all. But don’t worry, just because it’s refined sugar-free doesn’t mean that it needs to taste like cardboard. This guide got you covered with some yummy recipes and ideas that are healthier. Let’s get started!

Day One

For day one, you’re going to start small. You’re going to start with something simple that everyone can easily do – breakfast. Breakfast really sets the tone for your entire day of eating. So, breakfast cereals and prepackaged foods usually contain a huge amount of processed sugar. They’re really not that healthy to start with no matter what those clever marketing campaigns tell us.

If you are going to grab a bowl of cereal, try to rather grab a bowl of cereal granola that’s totally refined sugar-free and that’s made from whole grains like a whole grain granola or something like that. Be sure that it’s from a good reputable health food brand. You can also make some oatmeal or overnight oats with whole rolled oats. It’s a great alternative to cereal. Try to stay away from the instant or the quick cooking oats though as those options are often highly processed and contain added sugars that you don’t need.

What you can do to sweeten your breakfast naturally is to use fresh fruit. You can use any fruit that you like. Prepare yourself overnight oats without any added sugar and top that with some fresh fruit. You’ll not actually feel that you need extra sugar because it’s sweet enough with all the fruits on top. But if you’re still getting used to going sugar-free, then you can try adding a teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup, raw honey, or even stevia.

The truth is all sugar, even unrefined sugars, are broken down by the body in the same way. But sugars from whole carbs like whole grains and fruits also contain tons of fiber and nutrients that the body needs. Having healthy fiber, healthy fats, and protein with your carbs really helps the body to process the sugar better. It helps to reduce crazy sugar highs that you might get from eating something like candy. Sweeteners like xylitol, erythritol, and stevia have less impact on the blood sugar levels in the body. Those are great choices if you are trying to go sugar-free.  Making a smoothie is obviously another great option for breakfast and you can use fruit as a sweetener too.

Day Two

For day two of your how to remove refined sugar in your diet challenge, let’s tackle something that’s obviously loaded with processed sugar – desserts and treats. You already know that things like cakes, sweets, candy, store-bought chocolate, pastries, cookies, and all those kind of things are made from processed ingredients that are full of processed sugars.

There’s a really easy healthy treat recipe that you can have instead of any other dessert that you’re used to having – healthy brownie bites. They’re completely refined sugar-free and are full of fiber, whole carbs, good protein, and healthy fats. You’ll need twenty fresh medjool dates that’s about 270 grams. Cut them in half to remove the pits and soak them in a bowl of warm water for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The longer you soak them, the softer they will be. While the medjool dates are soaked, add the rest of the ingredients into a bowl.

Add one cup of freshly chopped walnuts and one cup of roughly chopped pecan nuts. You can use either one cup of each of those or just two cups of the same kind of nut. Also, add half a cup of unsweetened desiccated coconut, half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and four tablespoons of unsweetened but butter. It is recommended that you use almond macadamia or hazelnut butter because peanut butter has a stronger taste. Add two teaspoons of cinnamon, two to three teaspoons of unsweetened vanilla extract, and also a pinch of sea salt. Just mix all those ingredients a bit.

After the dates have soaked for about twenty minutes, drain the water and just add them to a plate. If you’ve got a food processor, you can just mix them all together in there really easily. But not everybody has a food processor, so what you can do is roughly chop the soaked dates and mash them up with a fork to make the kind of like a date paste.

Now, add the date paste into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and just mix them together. Once they’re all blended together, press the batter between your hands to make a bowl shape. Run the brownie bites into a quarter cup of extra desiccated coconut to coat them so they’re not sticky. Just keep doing that until you’ve used up all of the batter. You can serve them straight away. They don’t really need to be kept in the fridge but they’re actually quite nice when they’re chilled. Just store them in an airtight container to keep them fresh. You can store them in the fridge to make them even last longer.

Day Three

On the third day of how to remove refined sugar from your diet, you’re going to include your lunch or dinner. A lot of people that are trying to be healthy choose to eat salads for either their lunch or dinner or for both of those meals. Salads can really be healthy but what often happens is that while the salad itself is healthy, the salad dressings are often loaded with processed ingredients, refined sugars, and lots of calories too.

For your lunch or dinner on how to remove refined sugar from your diet challenge, here’s a quick and easy recipe of salad dressing you can make yourself. it’s actually super basic. In a bowl, mix one teaspoon of olive oil with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, black pepper, and sea salt – that’s it. You can drizzle that over your salad. It’s super healthy. The olive oil and the fresh lemon juice really enhance the flavors of the salad. It will certainly be your go-to salad dressing recipe from now on.

Actually, the best tip for this how to remove refined sugar from your diet challenge is to watch out for that super sneaky sugar that can creep into your favorite snacks, teas, coffees, and other drinks. Try to keep up what you’ve learned on a day-to-day basis and take a step beyond that. Make sure that you’re aware of what you’re putting into your body. Check the nutrition labels and read the ingredients. In advance, congratulations on your way to a healthy lifestyle!

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