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How A Strong Immune System Holds The Key To Good Health

How A Strong Immune System Holds The Key To Good Health

A strong immune system is a self-renewing, self-repairing, natural pharmacy. No one but yourself can bring good health and inner peace to your life.

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A strong immune system can help you stay healthy while also preventing illnesses. This article will introduce you to a ten-rule approach that is based on prevention. It will also teach you to focus on your body and mind to achieve balance and well-being– the exact opposite of the stressful, undesirable lifestyle of burnout, fatigue, and disease. The key to good health and disease prevention is a strong immune system.

Ten Rules To Maintaining A Strong Immune System

Emotional stress, addictions, negative thinking, poor nutrition, depression and self-abusive behaviors actually degenerate and destroy your immune system. Reversing and preventing these blows to your health will strengthen and maintain your immune system so it can properly prevent and fight diseases, from the potentially fatal to the common cold. All ten rules of these rules support your vital immune system.

Rule #1– Simplify your life.

Simplifying your life begins with knowing how to recognize what has the greatest value to you. Then you can address and meet your needs and create a balanced, purposeful lifestyle. Remove clutter and confusion from your life, so you can come to know yourself, your needs and your priorities. This beginning is so important because – in the process of removing unhealthy elements from your life- you can come to terms with the emotional distractions, fears, weaknesses and stumbling blocks that devalue your life. Enriching your quality of life sets the stage for lasting wellness. Choose between simplification and self-abuse. That sounds drastic, but it’s true. Opt for simplification so you don’t find yourself mired in stress and unnecessary complications, which will compromise your health and well-being.

The benefits of simplifying your life also include attuning yourself to your real feelings and thoughts, discovering what you love to do, determining what is right for you and taking responsibility for your circumstances.

Rule #2– Lighten up your life.

The opposite of lightening up your life is wearing the heaviness of stress that strains your mind, leads to fatigue and burnout, harms your immune system and erodes your health. The keys to lightening up include balancing fulfillment and stress, preventing and coping with stressful situations, relaxation, and nurturing yourself.

Rule #3– Take charge of your life.

Taking charge of your life means taking command of your thoughts, intentions, actions and deeds. In other words, it means becoming the captain of your destiny. You have choices. Taking charge is practical and goal-oriented. Develop a healthy and positive belief system and then act based on those principles. Your belief system is tied directly to your immune system. Positive belief systems enhance your health and negative ones destroy your health.

Rule #4– Acquire the habit of happiness.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, understood how important this issue is to well-being when he proclaimed that every American should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is invigorating, inspiring and energizing. Depression, anxiety, and unhappiness drain your life. Positive emotions are necessary for the optimal function of your mind and body. Sound, consistent emotional living makes happiness a reality. The essence of emotional consistency is having the courage to acknowledge and act upon your emotional convictions. This helps build self-confidence and emotional self-reliance. It also moves emotional truth on the top of your priority list.

Rule #5– Cleanse your body regularly.

In with the good, out with the bad. Strengthen your immune system and rejuvenate your metabolism by releasing physical and emotional toxins from your body.

Rule #6– Maintain nutritional balance.

Nutritional balance builds and maintains a strong immune system, which in turn fortifies your body’s healing power and its ability to prevent disease. Follow a nutritionally balanced, health-promoting eating plan so you know what to eat and what not to eat. Take vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Given the level of stress and environmental toxicity in today’s world, an antioxidant supplement is vital.

Rule #7– Develop the habit of physical fitness.

Physical fitness is the key to more energy, higher spirits, improved digestion, stamina, a functioning and strong immune system and an efficient metabolism, a healthy heart and countless other healthy barometers. Regular exercise is also an effective antidote to emotional and physical stress. Determine your level of physical fitness and create a program tailored to your needs.

Rule #8– Heal your soul.

Your soul is the spirit within your body. The light of that soul is the creative, life-giving energy vibrating and circulating within you. The power of your soul gives you strength, drive and inner wisdom. Healing your soul means recognizing and being true to yourself, standing up for what you believe in, having a purposeful and balanced lifestyle, finding creative self-expression and having faith in your abilities and dreams. Peace of mind is the by-product of a healthy soul and the key ingredient for a healthy body and mind.

Rule #9– Define your purpose in life.

Your purpose is your identity. It’s what means the most to you. Your purpose in life feeds your health and well-being and sets the stage for happiness. Your purpose is the invisible cement that keeps your ambition in harmony with your destiny. From a practical standpoint, it is the target of all your intentions, the fuel for your determination. Your purpose cannot and should not be defined by anyone but you. Each person has more than one purpose. Purposeful living is simply defined as being the best at being yourself. Without being in touch with your purpose, you can’t sustain health, happiness or well-being. To help you define your purpose, ask yourself the following questions–

  • What is missing in your life?
  • What means more to you than anything else in your life?
  • In what area of life do you want to make a difference, more than any other?
  • What, more than anything else, do you want to do with your precious life?
  • How would you prefer to spend the majority of your time?
  • Do you wake up each morning with love in your heart, feeling enthusiastic and excited about a new day? If not, why?
  • If you were a millionaire and money was no object, how would you spend your time?
  • How would you spend the next six to nine months if you were told you only had that much longer to live?
  • What do you live for, and what is your cause?

Rule #10–Balance your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle is the way you choose to live your life–

  • How you spend your time;
  • The values and priorities you give importance to;
  • Your beliefs, attitudes, and consciousness;
  • Creativity and personal resources;
  • The manifestation of how you see life.

Your lifestyle is your most obvious form of self-expression. It is also a measure of your pace of living. A balanced, meaningful lifestyle is the key to a strong immune system and overall good health. A healthy lifestyle is also a measure of your self-care. Does your lifestyle nourish or harm your mind, your body, your emotions, and spirit?

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