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How to Treat Depression without Medication

How to Treat Depression without Medication

Depression is triggered by many causes. It develops to anyone but how to treat depression without medication? Follow these ways.

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How to treat depression without medication is usually be the question whenever a patient do not want to depend on medical prescription. This might be more difficult to manage compared to drug dependent treatment. We all know that depression is triggered by many causes were some are unrecognized and untreated but whatever the trigger, depression is much more grieving or a fight of the melancholies. Untreated depression can lead to a descending spiral of disability, dependency and worse case is suicide. Unfortunately, almost seventy percent of people who commit suicide have been found out to have some form of depression.

According to World Health Organization or WHO, almost 350 million people in the world are suffering this common illness called depression. This mental condition affects all age groups as this can also occur to children and teens. Children with depressed parents are susceptible to this condition. According to study, there is a significant increase of suicide rate due to depression among young adults ages 15 to 24 in recent years considering numerous causes that include a loss of loved ones, break-up of a relationship, feelings of rejection and falling short of parental expectations. In some instances, depression caused by a stressful event in life. For others, seems to transpire spontaneously in which the root cause can not be easily identified.

There are other determining factors an adult person is developing symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression

  • Loss of interest in your every day activities
  • Feeling helpless, desperate and sad
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Unexplained gain or loss of weight
  • Easily get agitated, annoyed and irritable
  • Slow body motion
  • Lack of energy
  • Negative view of yourself and the thought ofs of death
  • No focus, indecisive and having memory problem
  • A decrease of interest in sexual relations

There are different signs of depression that one should take proper attention like the preference to be alone, not interested in going to school, participate in group activities or mingle with friends, poor concentration in school work, overreacts to criticism and anger. Further signs include sleeping and eating disorder, narcotics and alcohol abuse as well as talking about death or suicide. These indications need an early attention in order to prevent from a serious kind of depression and you can  treat depression even without medication.

Though medicines are the customary proof based treatment, latest data has made it clear that there are other ways to combat depression.

Several confirmed-ways to treat depression without medication:

  • Keep Fit. Studies shows that exercise has beneficial effects not only for cardiovascular status but emotional state as well. Some studies shows that engaging into regular exercise can reduce symptoms as well as prevent depression.
  • Shun away from alcohol and recreational habits. Addiction of alcohol and illegal substance will prevent you from recovering depression.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight: Sunlight has significant reaction referring to the mood of a person. Based on studies, exposure to bright sunlight is related to the production of serotonin in the brain. In this case, if you are expose to more sunlight means more serotonin in the brain. We have to understand that common prescriptions of antidepressants are selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors believed to be responsible for the increase of brain serotonin.

  • Enough sleep. It is a common knowledge that sleep deprivation can cause depression as well as other illnesses. Enough sleep can also improve a person’s mood. Studies show that less than five hours of sleep a night might increase the risk of having depression to 53 percent.
  • Participate in any normal activities. Joining a depression support group can help you recover from depression.
  • Take a cup of coffee daily. It has known that drinking caffeinated coffee might possibly decrease the risk of getting depression based on a study conducted from fifty thousand women. While similar study conducted in Finland which shown a result of decreasing risk of depression from men who consume coffee.
  • A good and healthy diet is an important factor in obtaining a normal emotional state. This can possibly help to lower chances of developing depression as healthy foods adhere a better preventive effects. Fast foods are linked to develop depression so be wary of its effect but rather focus on foods with good nutritional value.
  • Set colorful, happy things in your house. Think of many things that can make you happy and list them. Use the list to counter the breaking down mood.
  • Spare some of your time hanging out with friends and family. Sharing good and happy thoughts with them can help you overcome depression.
  • Allow your extra time playing with your pet. It is healthy to bond with your pet as it brings you much fun and affection.
  • Avoid listening to sentimental music or watching sad movies because it only turn things worse. Instead play good upbeat music and choose to watch comedy films.
  • When you are hurting, go out with friends and play video games. Do not spend time alone as it will only trigger depression.
  • Develop a habit of volunteerism. It has been proven that helping others can make you feel better. Involve yourself in charity or community works. Many people find involvement in the community or group feel relieve.
  • When in crisis, you can seek the help of your pastor, ministry leader or counselors. They will tell you the best medicine for depression is prayer.
  • Carry the sweet smile in your face all the time. This expression changes attitude that raises your confidence. Take some efforts to use smile exercise even six times a day. Every time you do the exercise, think positive thoughts. This is proven to help you feel better.
  • Develop the attitude of being positive.  It has been proven that being optimistic can contribute a lot in the improvement of your immune system that can obviously prevent illness and helps you overcome unfortunate events.
  •  Promote gratitude and kindness. This attitude is associated with being optimistic because grateful people are much happier, experience less stress and are likely to experience less depressed. Optimists has the greater possibility to cope difficulties and hardships successfully.

Depression can possibly trigger to anyone regardless  of age, gender or race. Though no one knows the exact origin of this mental condition but many studies can prove several treatments of depression even without medication or with medical prescription. In either way of treating depression, you have the option to get back into your good and healthy mental condition. You do not have to shoulder the burden of depression with you alone because your family, loved ones and friends are generally the best medicine to treat depression without medication. You just have to develop the positive emotions. self confidence and optimism to conquer depression.

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