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Workout According To Your Body Type

Workout According To Your Body Type

The shape of your body is a direct result of your genes and your lifestyle. Workout according to your body type and you’ll soon see results.

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Before you start working out, it will greatly help to know how you should workout according to your body type. If you’re like most women, there are certain parts in your body which you like to reduce such as your thighs, your waistline, or your arms. For some of you, there might be certain parts in your body which you would like to enlarge like your breasts, your butt, or even your legs.

Workout According To Your Body Type

In this article, you will be discovering what body types you are and how can you customize your workout in order to suit your body type. Apparently, there are six different body types.

  • A Frame
  • V Frame
  • H Frame
  • Ruler Frame
  • 8 Frame
  • Oval Frame

A Frame

Workout according to your body type by going through the first body type which is the A Frame, which is also known as the spoon frame. Generally, people with A Frame carry extra weight at the lower region of their body. If you have bigger legs, bigger hips and bums in comparison to your upper body where your breasts and waist are small in size, then you have the A Frame body type.

For A Frame, the type of workout you can do is to burn fat and do a lot of cardio for the lower part of the body. Focus on cardio workouts to get rid of extra lower body weight. Keep resistance training to moderate level in high repetitions, between twelve to fifteen repetitions.

Workouts like squats and lunges are really good for you and remember to do them in high repetitions. Whenever you do workouts in high repetitions, you burn up the better and tone up. Whereas you want to be doing with your upper body is to build your muscles slightly more in order to balance it up with your lower body.

You can do shoulder press, chest workout, biceps and triceps workouts, and remember to put heavy weights and to reduce your repetition. When you pack a lot of weights, that’s when you will build muscles and build a slightly bigger frame for your upper body. So, that’s the A Frame.

V Frame

The second body type is the V Frame and it’s the opposite of the A Frame. You might notice that you have bigger boobs and your upper body is basically heavier than your lower body. You also have small legs and small bums. Whereas your chest and waist is heavier on the top.

V Frames carry extra weight in the upper region of the body. You have a large bust, narrow hips and thin legs. For this body type, what you want to be doing is to do a lot of high repetition workouts to really tone up the upper body.

Rowing is a good cardio workout. For resistance training, focus on basic weight training such as push ups, dips and assisted pull ups in high repetitions. Whereas to increase the size of your legs, you want to be focusing on quality thigh exercises. Focus on quality thigh training to increase the size of your legs. Moderate to heavy weights and lower repetitions between six and eight.

You can do squats, lunges, and leg presses. But remember to pack the weights on and to do it between six to eight repetitions. If you find that easy, that means you have to put more weights on for your legs and that is a way to increase muscle size.

H Frame

The third body type is the H Frame. The H Frame lady has an athletic body with broader shoulders and broader waist. This body type has an athletic build but lacks symmetry. For those of you who have this body type, you might notice that the width of your shoulder and your waist looks almost the same.

Make sure to workout according to your body type to add definite shape to your waist and to slightly reduce the size of your shoulders. The workout that you want to be focusing on is upper body workout and abs workout. You may want to really tone it up instead of increasing your muscle size.

Focus on slimming and toning the upper body. Workouts like shoulder press and push ups are really good to tone up your upper body and don’t forget to work on your abs. Don’t forget to emphasize the symmetry on your waist. Russian twists and sit ups with twists are workouts that are really good to work on the side muscles to give you a nice definition on your waist.

Ruler Frame

If you have a Ruler Frame body type, you will notice that the measurements of the top to the bottom of your body is straight. This body type is generally thin, having high metabolism and doesn’t gain weight easily. If you fall into this body type, you are fit and you find it very difficult to put on weight.

For people who have a Ruler Frame body type, what you want to avoid doing too much is cardio exercises. Keep it to only five to ten minutes. Focus on the workout according to your body type to avoid putting more fat or burning muscle off, which you already don’t have.

Concentrate on good quality total body strength training. Remember that in order to increase muscle size or to put on weight if that is your goal, what you really want to be doing is to pack on the weights and do low repetitions of between six to eight, or eight to ten to begin with. If you find that easy, remember that you need to put on more weights in order to make your workout harder. You will increase your muscle size in that way and also gain in size.

8 Frame

The fifth body type is the 8 Frame, which is also known as the hourglass. Generally, the measurement of your bust and your hips are almost similar, and your waist is a lot smaller. According to model experts, the perfect figure is that if your waist is ten inches smaller than your hips or your bust.

For people with hourglass frame, you can put on weight. But if you are to work out, you will find that it is very easy for you to lose weight as well. As long as you do work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, a good cardio and a strength workout, you will find it very easy to maintain your size.

If you don’t do the workout according to your body type, you will find that you will put on weight. But then again, it will be easy for you to lose weight as well. So generally, any type of cardio is fine. Keep your cardio duration between twenty to thirty minutes and do strength workout alternately between high repetitions for about fifteen to twenty. You can change your exercise program after four weeks to a heavier strength training in order to define your muscles.

Oval Frame

Oval Frame is the last body type. People with this body type usually finds it really difficult to lose weight. They are generally chubby. To lose weight effectively, be sure to workout according to your body type and that is to focus on a lot of cardio workouts. They can also focus on high repetitions and strength workouts to really burn the fat off, increase heart rate and tone up.

If have this body type, try to keep your workout to thirty minutes reworking your cardio and work on your strength for another thirty minutes. Push yourself as hard as you can and always keep your heart rate up because the higher the heart rate is, the more fat you’ll burn. Most importantly, don’t forget to watch over the foods you should never eat when you’re trying to lose weight.

Workout according to your body type and you’ll soon see results. Your body’s shape is a result of your genes and your lifestyle. Embrace the parts of your body that you can’t change. Give your body the best fuel exercise it needs and most importantly, aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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